Roofs shoulder Mother Nature’s greatest burdens. They need a certain level of upkeep to remain healthy and performant. Repair and maintenance go hand-in-hand to ensure your roofing investment continues to deliver upon expectations.

Learn more about how periodic maintenance can extend the life of your roof, avoiding costly replacements.

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Want it fixed right the first time?

“You’re the only roofer who hasn’t had to come back again and again for the same job. One visit, one bill. I like that.”

One of my customers is the owner of 40 restaurants (and 40 roofs that need attention). I started with just one roof, and now my customer has asked me to work on many more. If you like the idea of doing a job right the first time, we have a lot in common.
–Ron Rattini

Tough roof, but tender roses below?

“I was so worried about my rose bushes, but you didn’t touch a petal. I’m going to tell my friends that you know how to be careful.”

A customer needed a new roof, but she was concerned that a careless roofer would harm her prized rose bushes. So we covered them completely and kept the ladders far away. My employees pay attention, or I don’t pay them. Would you have it any other way? Neither would I.
–Ron Rattini

Want the roof up before it rains?

“I’d heard horror stories about roofs left half-done for days because of bad weather. But you worked around the storm clouds easily.”

It’s really just common sense, and I wonder why so many roofers never seem to use it. This customer wanted a new roof over her head, not a blue tarp. So instead of taking her entire roof off before rebuilding it, I only removed as much as I could replace in a day. Simple, right?
–Ron Rattini

Need an estimator, or a roofer?

“The first company I called sent a guy with a clipboard. Ron came out with a hammer and a good eye for what needed done.”

There are guys out there selling roofing who have never stood on a roof. They may be good behind a desk, but the world looks a lot different when you’re 30 feet off the ground. I’ve personally worked on thousands of roofs over the years, and no two are ever the same. It takes experience to handle the unexpected. Isn’t that what you want from your roofer?
–Ron Rattini

Want The Boss watching over your job?

“I didn’t want my roof in the hands of subcontractors who didn’t care. Ron was the first one here and the last to leave every day.”

Unlike many roofing companies, I don’t hire subcontractors. Because they’re paid to get in and out fast—and their idea of quality is very different from mine. So they bounce from company to company. But not my workers: They’re all paid employees of RJR Roofing. One has even been with me more than 20 years. And I’m with them on the job, every day. Because that’s where the boss belongs.
–Ron Rattini

Rather keep these off your driveway?

“A friend warned me about nails and other trash that roofers leave behind. But you left my yard just the way you found it.”

The way I see it, roofing nails belong on your roof—not in your yard, waiting to ambush you on a warm, barefoot day. When my grandfather taught me this business, he told me that neatness was a sign of professionalism, and respect. That was more than 30 years ago, but I still take his words to heart. And live by them every day.
–Ron Rattini

Perfect gentlemen on the roof?

“Roofers I’ve hired in the past swear like sailors on the job. But not yours, and my neighbors and I thank you for not allowing bad behavior.”

Nobody’s perfect. And when it’s 90+ degrees and the sweat’s in your eyes (or 30 degrees with an icy wind blowing down your back), anyone can lose his temper. But no matter what, we’re still professionals here, and we know we represent our customers when we’re on their roof. So I fine any employee who says an off-color word on the job. If you were me, wouldn’t you?
–Ron Rattini


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